Welcome to “The Yoga Awakening”. We all lead varied lives and oftentimes follow tumultuous paths.  But no matter what perceived differences exist, and no matter what challenges are present, each of us can reap the benefits that result from embracing Yoga.  Here you will be guided on a journey towards a more peaceful self and increased strength – both physical and mental!

The practice of Yoga and the pursuit of a Yogic lifestyle have had both a profound impact on my well being and have fostered immeasurable personal growth.  This practice has also fueled my desire to share this impact and this growth with others – to shine my light - so that others too can experience the same Yoga Awakening…

You can either begin or continue your pursuit of Yoga with me at a private studio where you truly partake in an event separate and distinct from an ordinary gym or average public Yoga studio experiences.  Private, semi-private, private group and group classes are available.  You are warmly invited to join in and to begin to shine your light.